10 Signs It’s Time For A New Car

10 Signs It’s Time For a New Car

1. Your heater stopped working.

Stove Heater

2. Alternatively, your air conditioning is shot.


3. Your locking mechanism isn’t working.

car-door-lock-fixed (1)

4. Or, your door handle came off all together.

car-door-repair-win-knob (1)

5. Your seats were so destroyed, you had to replace them…with patio chairs.


6. Your windshield wipers need to be operated manually.

wiper blades (1)


7. Just like your brake lights.


8. Your sun roof won’t close.

sunroof open

9. And you had to get creative when your side-view mirror broke.

Taped Mirror

10. Last but not least, your car is more duct tape than it is car.


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