Should We Repo It?

Should We Repo It?

Four months ago my girlfriend bought a 2007 PT Cruiser for $9700. The window had a sticker showing it was a 2008, but that was not the case. She put $2500 down and traded in her 2004 Nissan Altima that she still owed $2300 on. The used car dealer told her he would pay it off but he only sent $1000 to the finance company leaving a balance of $1300, which my girlfriend is still making payments towards. The PT Cruiser needed all the motor mounts replaced, which the used car dealer refused to pay for. The cost for that was $704. A few days ago the timing belt broke and that will cost an additional $1300 to repair. We don’t have the funds to fix this and the dealer will not take responsibility for anything. Can we just have the finance company repo it? What do you advise we do? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


Joe, I’m so sorry to hear your story! The dealership has the responsibility to pay off the car that was traded in by you. Take a look at the paperwork your girlfriend signed to make sure you were given $2300 for the trade? And does it have the $2300 for payoff? The dealer will have to pay it off to receive the title to the vehicle in order to sell the car. The title will not be given to the dealer unless the car is paid for. I suggest you call the attorney general of your area and report the dealership. Then I would call the lender that your girlfriend is paying the monthly payments to and tell them the story you just told me. See what help you can get from them. They may refinance for you in order to help keep the loan together or put off some payments until you get your car fixed. I never recommend repo because it will hurt your credit and will make you pay a lot higher interest on the next car. But sometimes we have to do what we have to do to survive. I can only hope you run into a dealership that will help you next time and not hurt you!!!!

Thanks for sending me the great question and hopefully your currently lender will step up to the plate!!

Todd Helmick
Royal Automotive/Lexus of Tucson
Phone 520-795-0760

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