Is it true?


If a dealer suggests its better for me to use their financing…. Is that ever true? He showed me the numbers and it seemed to make sense but I am skeptical because I can get 1.7% loan at my credit union. He showed me different options of 0% interest and NO $1500 rebate, OR 2.9% interest with the rebate… All for 5-year loans. His numbers appeared to be in my favor by taking the rebate at the 2.9%.

The best thing for you to do so that you can see which choice is better is to use a payment calculator (Click Here) on our site or someone else’s. Plug in the bottom line that you will be financing with your credit union rate. Now I’m assuming you CANNOT get the rebate unless you use the manufacturer lender but ask to make sure. So then see what the finance charge will be over the 60 mos. Then plug in the bottom line again which should be less the rebate and plug in the 2.9 and use 60 mos and compare your finance charge. Whichever is less will be your answer!!!

Thanks so much for your wonderful question and don’t hesitate to let me know how things go!!!Sincerely,
Todd Helmick

Royal Automotive/Lexus of Tucson
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